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Last post by king mob

Glastonbury Forum : News Items

  Posted By king mob - 11-June-2007 - 8:05pm - 18 comments - Edit

Ok, let's talk weather. Until recently it's not looked good, in fact it's been rubbish but as we get nearer (and we can get a more accurate picture) it's looking better.

UK Outlook for Saturday 16 Jun 2007 to Monday 25 Jun 2007:

Rather unsettled with rain or showers interspersed with drier brighter interludes. Risk of some heavy and persistent rain at times especially, but not exclusively, at first across southern Scotland and northern England. Feeling cool under persistent rain, particularly so near North Sea coasts north of The Wash. The north of Scotland will be fresher and may hold on to mainly dry conditions with some sunshine for much of the period. There is a possibility of the weather gradually becoming more settled from the southwest towards the end of next week. Probably still rather warm in the south at first but temperatures are expected to fall to nearer normal in most areas, with a cooler feel under cloud and rain, especially at first in the east.


So it looks ok. Hopefully.

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Glastonbury Forum : News comments

Posted By king mob on 12-June-2007 at 7:02pm
It's now looking disturbingly glum. Basically we just won't know til next week.

Posted By Causy on 12-June-2007 at 9:37pm
Packing my wellies.

Now I just have to figure out how Gregg and I shall be making our way there.

Posted By king mob on 13-June-2007 at 8:24am
It's now looking like it might be reasonable. Damn our British weather!

Posted By ShuMart on 13-June-2007 at 9:26pm

Well its looking pretty damp and miserable here and the forcast is looking crap for the rest of this week and all next week at the moment so it looks like mudfest 97, sorry I mean 2007

Posted By king mob on 14-June-2007 at 8:31am

The weather here is a bit damp, but it's still warm,  but it's due to clear up and remain fairly settled til Thursday if you believe our beloved local news. The north of England looks like it's going to be washed away though.

Oh look, the sun has just popped out.

Posted By BetsyBounce on 14-June-2007 at 10:28am

Causy wrote:
Packing my wellies.

Now I just have to figure out how Gregg and I shall be making our way there.

i'm giving Glenn a lift from Brizzle wed am if that's any help.......... 2 spaces in car

Posted By Polly on 14-June-2007 at 7:23pm
I spoke to a lady in shepton today she says the weather is shocking and the ground is water logged

Posted By wixta79 on 14-June-2007 at 8:06pm
bring on the rain! lets hit  it head on!! it can only get better after that

Posted By king mob on 14-June-2007 at 8:23pm
It's not that bad. It's a soggy few days but sunshine and showers seems to be the pattern after this weekend. Soggy ground is good, it means we don't have the granite-like soil of two years ago.

Posted By Causy on 14-June-2007 at 10:16pm
Or the dust...

BetsyBounce wrote:

i'm giving Glenn a lift from Brizzle wed am if that's any help.......... 2 spaces in car

Tempting, and it would make it easier if only one car went there, but.... it's the £150 cost to get that far which is a bit of a nightmare.
Perhaps we can share a car on the last leg of the journey, save the planet while we're at it

Posted By BetsyBounce on 16-June-2007 at 12:26pm
sounds like a plan.....Glenn - is there somewhere safe we can park up?????

Posted By king mob on 16-June-2007 at 2:55pm
Yup, either in the Full Moon carpark or outside my flat which is only just up the road.

Posted By king mob on 18-June-2007 at 8:53pm

As I'm sure we all know now, it's going to be damp until Friday when it's due to clear up. Thursday afternoon looks to be the dodgiest with heavy rain predicted.

However, balls to it. Waterproofs and wellies/decent boots will sort out the mud and rain.

Posted By Causy on 18-June-2007 at 10:32pm
I'm bringing my thermals....

Posted By BetsyBounce on 19-June-2007 at 10:22am
thunderstorms 4 friday - ring any bells?????? erk

Posted By king mob on 19-June-2007 at 12:06pm
The forecast is changing daily. We're due heavy rain later but it looks that tomorrow will be dry, Thursday will have a wet afternoon, Friday will be rainy and gawd knows about the rest of the weekend.

Posted By Polly on 19-June-2007 at 6:57pm
I hope it stays dry for you guys

Posted By king mob on 19-June-2007 at 7:23pm

4 inches in 30 minutes!


Ah balls to it, it's sunny again.

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